It is the holy, consecrated hands of a priest that bring us Jesus in the Eucharist, absolve us from our sins, and anoint us in our last agony!

We love our holy priests!  We’ve got their back!  Let us assist our priests…………….

Our Fasting Army strengthens our weary priests, protects our heroic priests, begs mercy for our dying priests, and asks for conversion for the priests who have fallen from grace.

Lord Jesus, may our prayers and fasting on Thursdays  help our priests! 

Dear Holy Priests – we’ve got your back!

Join the Fasting Army for Priests (Women’s division – We are the heart in the army.  We are the spiritual mothers of our priests.  Our prayers and fasting sustain our priests for the battle for souls.)

Join our Fasting Army for Priests (Men’s division – We are the soldiers in the army!  Our fasting and prayers helps strengthen our priests for the battle for souls.  We will look out for you, defend you and are honored to sacrifice for you.) 

To join email

Women interested in praying for vocations or offering their children for vocations please email and mention you’re interested in the Mothers with Generous Hearts club. You don’t have to be a mother, as all women are called to spiritual motherhood.